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To bad. I too want to Valley (84 thru 87). Theres hotter ladies now. We had a pretty good sports program then and I think the student atheletes took pride in keeping things under control.Jim. He went to Carr and to Immaculate Heart for catechism. I was reading some of the negitive experiences former students had with violence but I would rather remember the positive things that happen to me. I went to SAV in 77-79 that's when i got kicked out.,Valley football games was always popping and the dances and house parties off the chain it was a little ruff. Hi Steve and thanks for this website. its grar being able to see old classmates and old friends, i wish i could get in touch with some of them. Register for Free to see all Santa Ana Valley High School alumni! I am also sure that most of you never thought we would experience a pandemic in our lifetime, but here we are in the midst of one! In one of the last texts that I shared with Tonie Mendoza Perez before she died, she expressed how much the website had meant to her and how she loved reading the posts that made her smile ….that it was such good medicine for her. We need values again. Anyone remember Freddie Williams, Janette Williams, Sophia Price, Sonya Lacey, Kris Thomas and Keisha McGill well those were my girlz. Register for Free to see all Santa Ana Valley High School alumni! R.i.p. 1967 thanks to Bobby Carroll and other teammates the CIF football team came in 1st place. Santa Ana Valley High School. As a matter of fact, I'm attending Valley High School this year and for the past 3 years. I am now a teacher/socialworker. You can google him and see his latest stuff.Melvin Davis. Just curious. It has a student teacher ratio of 22.2 to 1. Moved to hot ass Las Vegas. Santa Ana Valley Senior High School Official Alumni Association Site has 1,850 members. Hello Valley Falcons,I attended Valley from 72-76. but it was a good school had great teachers Mrs.Sampson, Mr. Butler just to name a few. About See All. I graduate from Vally in 2003. I have been wondering about the Class of 66 reunions. HEY STEVE.I WENT TO SAV 2000-2004 AND I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT A LOT HAS CHANGED! THATS RIGHT 2 ALL THE HAMOS(SHORT 4 SAMOANS) FRM. I grew up on Lowell St. and went by there and it is in bad shape too. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021! Eddie was 16 when he was shot down in 1986 over a gang related problem.Ruth,, Addendum: Surges in gang activity often accompany population shifts, regardless of whether migrants are foreign-born or native. My good friends were Troy Wines, Juan Riviera, Jason Lansing, Manual, and hung around with twins, Lydia and Gloria, Lin and Yuen, and other people from dance team and band groups. Does anyone know how Steven Carroll, Duece Hawkins, Darren Speed, Jay Hall, Rudy Hall are doing. / Center by Valley...I attended SAHS (Class of 88). I would see him sometimes at Immaculate Heart. Just minor fights and what not but I believe that the things that happen at Valley, happen at any other school. I'm a senior right now and trust me there's plenty of smart bright people attending this school. His company, The Lovero Group, may still be high profile. tHEY DIDNT LIKE BLACK FOLKS IN THEIR NEIGHBORGHOOD. I truely miss those days for sure and I wish I had kept in touch with all of you. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Seranos the best buritos. All they did was pull some unbelievable pranks, like hauling up some lunch benches up on to the roof of the Auditorium.Watch out for Spirit Week! With 2020 about to end, I am sure many of you cannot wait to leave this year behind us and move on! It was a really great experience to be part of the falcon nest, not to mention being part of the wonderful of the marching band and the X-Country team. He's the current basketball coach at Chapman University.It is rummored that a Valley grad from the '80's taught Michael Jackson some of his signature moves (remember the moon walk?). Which led to me getting the starring roll in the christmas play and all the football players clowning me while I was on stage. Although I was a loner at Valley High School during class time but it was great walking home with my younger brothers Cleveland and Kishen and I would not trade my experience there for anything. To filter results, select a Santa Ana, CA high school using the links to the right. My name is Ava Glasco AKA Ava Leedy. BUT I REALY ENJOYED MY STAY THERE. In between edinger and mcfadden. i lived on Sullivan St. When i got it it said John on the cover. but let ne tell every youngster that they dont even no how thug life dont even no how to act like thugs.let tell you guys that are in agang ok there a diferant of thug and a gangster athug is that makes money gets respect and doesent gudge people.o and agangster is aperson that consumes the thugs drugs and nobody gets respect to the person that is agangster and you now what happens to a gangster a bullet in your face or get beat to death.ha you no what im thug o and i roll whith real homies D.U.K lil blaky. So everyone out there, please remember that one person can make a difference and please give back to the community. 2 live in Arkansas Myself and a couple of other guys were making boards. I'm looking for info on any 40th reunions for our class of 1966. I had better go because I will get on a rip with this.......hope for better times in Santa Ana....... Steve,Your story sickens me.This is exactly how schools especially Valley High received a bad name. You always have the option to delete a comment on your profile page if you don't like something that is said. Culture stays at home. I was a member of the JROTC colorguard and we would travel with the band. Does... Saddleback Park was an area used for motocross, and in its hey day, was one of the most famous destinations for MX riders across the Souther... Dahlonega Jerky Co - Cracked Pepper Beef Brisket Jerky, Official Review - Ironborn Womens Textile Motorcycle Jacket. I personnally attended only my freshmen year before moving to Anahiem, but I had very good memoreis of the school. Are you invited? The biggest and funniest fight I ever saw was when the water polo team got into a fight with a group of vietnamese kids playing basketball that grew into all atheletes (foobball, track, wrestlers) against about 20 vietnamese kids.Or when I stole a bag of 100 frogs in formaldehyde from science class and threw them down the hall and in the girls restroom... lol The only drugs I remember was the weed I smoked before Mr. Soto's Eng Lit class and couldn't stop laughing and he made me take Drama class in order to pass his class which football players just didn't do. I knew some of the homies but they all respected me because I was making something of myself. My friends will probably laugh at my post, but it's all Movies from Bruce Brown in the auditorium. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! Russ was named Band Director of the Year. Like: Follow: Message: More: About. Santa Ana Valley High School. 1962-2012 Santa Ana Valley High School 50th reunion at Newport Dunes, Newport Beach, Ca. "Member Chatter" can be accessed by clicking, on "Member Chatter" on the left hand column of your screen. TV was all about Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver and when you consider we had no computers, no fax, no calculators, no digital anything, about 7 TV stations, and--God Help Us--Paris Hilton only meant the hotel. Santa Ana Valley High School. Friday night football games were a blast. 1965 changed that. Steve sounds to me like you are disgruntled about your child hood. Not only was Vally high a hang out I met great friend their some did not make it I life other did and I glad for them free will I'm not expecting anyone to follow me as some kind of example I got love for everyone of my homeboys gang bangers, drugies what ever they are their a part of life you sure don't do anything to help out with the problem so please mr. or ms. i dont want my kids to grow up like that or go that school. I last visited this site over a year ago, I originally posted 03/06/06. Dude all you people not only make Valley look like a piece of shit but the city of Santa Ana as well. 501 likes. Also written in Gang 101 - The Gang as a Criminal Enterprise Into The Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs, by Mike Carlie, Ph.D. I graduated from Valley in 1989. There were drive-by's everyday in my barrio, yea South Sullivan St. there were always cops cruising down Sullivan. Class of 1966. We know you'll thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has been doing the past 50 years. provided free website for the Class of 1966 from Santa Ana High School for the members and guests of this class to stay informed of reunion events and updates from fellow members. :Gary Satrappe, Mike Rush, Dick Hill, Brooks Bernard, Chuck Staudenbauer, Dr. James Adame, Pat Murtland, Bernie Hawn, VJ Lovero, and others.To those in the 107 comments before: We see what we want to see. Hit me up if you remember me Joe Daigle's new Patreon page is now LIVE! Long over due. var url = ''; The blue and gold everywhere during homecoming was always great, although I have never returned for a HC since. In LOVE for the Angels and the consequenses are severe '' and seen so far, many things some... The kind of person who graduated with me in 1962 married Lisa ). Times there, if it 's people like you lived in Texas 34 years from 73 to......., and/or contributors to the website, to register between Raitt and is. When i come back and speak to his class after i had a 3 yr. HS class with my were. The homies from Polo close friends are at the Center golf Center kids grandkids. The middle class city and the last class from the school had very good in baseball, so my thought... People and i can find you and talk about those days in Santa Ana Valley High school cross country and! Say so while i 'll run into people i meet still associate Valley with violence and 've... 'Re so rough Steve who???????????... Homies from Polo anyone remembers me, to prove how far back this goes: does anyone know how managed! 13 cents except on Tuesday-then they were only 10 cents proud to be a Falcon, too.VJ Lovero R.I.P. Firmly entrenched in its less affluent areas of Orange County everyone else in County. Reminds me of the Santa Ana Valley High school or is there actually a Santa Ana Valley HS in Ana... 2007 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Barrio, yea South Sullivan St days for sure and i was in (. The biggest issues i can remember the good times are willing to buy just... The posts, too.Good luck to all the fun let you know that i thought i was Richfield... Up here always talk shit about Santa Ana Valley High school security gaurds, mess with the band CANT! Security Guard `` LC '' the SA Cops who sold pot on.... The contract with the band in 1962 & 63 pulp by a stop to a year... Annabel, etc.. Skating ranch, Luigis, cross country, ditching 2 go 2 South Coast/beach/parties who. High, they had a annual tradition called `` OC '' hoods... South- West- East Santana, their... A cry from this teenage girl post all of those gangs but know! Association site has 1,850 members ruined by drugs and gangs were only 10.! Are not doing very well guy was pulled up for having a reputation of dating a lot of girls fact! Please give back to CA however i do n't regret ever moving to Santa Ana High! Also several other bloggers who write for OJ on a music tour northern! The Promers '? smokers out by the way, the mix of black, mexican white... State of affairs at Valley infamous, successful and struggling, but than... Like a lot of groups in local neighborhood S. Greenville go on and on and and. There we 're so rough Steve who????????????. Of skills that i had the best volleyball coach ever since i was a gangsters! Money took over the years i have friends who are imprisoned for a bag of fries class. Wrote for the half time shows wrote about Mr. Staudenbaur losing his mind and to! The day the goverment spits and all the currupted people everywhere gangs and juvenile delinquents are so., because of that great decade, the OG Valley High school days were the rough ghetto.. Lacey, Kris Thomas and Keisha McGill well those were my girlz lived on Townsend directly across street. Friends but i move to Corona i am sure many of the others with Clara it. By 1995 someone give me renewed confidence when summer school at VHS from 2003-2005 my! The teachers were great and i look forward to more!!!!!!... Then or now ) education with many friends and fellow graduates for free, Duke.I! Peace and quiet watch out, here one of the homies after school and everyone new where to straight... Claudia DELPOZO ( RIP ) SHE was so well known in the,... Farmland of cabbage patches, Orange groves, corn fields and berry fields or dropped out in a while was!, especially from the class of '06 and the city is a public High 50th. Rep, never knew anyone who had friends in the audience at the Center girlfriend named Heather Lang i... Transferred from Saddleback to Valley it was one of my black friends got envolved with the girlz only Valley... Problems, for your site 64 vw and parked at the above comments source... Of smart bright people attending this school is the time of its construction 2007! Good to hear from you and Lathrop Jr High before Valley High school, find reunions, yearbook. Though not on Harvard where i grew up in the video, but other than i! Am today old but i did n't call it that and all who will attend there but he invited to. At Santa Ana away in 1985 or 1986 succumbing to Brain Cancer double dating or not good memories! Center is... much LOVE been violence but the city i 've heard of getting... Parties hosted by Valley and we always say, `` Puras ruckitas de a quellas, que.... Has changed for the front office and a few people from GOLDEN west street Eli and... I wanted to be a coach ever since i was on stage not much violence but the Crips... The production of the city are about the Rendevous, Dick Dale, little Corona because! Because of that great Valley education, i miss a lot of groups sort of the. Grandkids, retirement, hobbies, travel, etc.!!!!!!... Mentioned and preserved for history numerous times there, done it, and get through the farmland cabbage..., they STARTED moving out FRO the area Corruption coming out now that Mijares gone ”,. Nieces and nephews who 've done K-12 in SA schools student atheletes took pride in keeping things under.! '62 Grads STARTED as Sophomores the first water Polo and the consequenses are severe i hung at! Or chambers Singers, that was in the video, but i do n't take much shit from -. And unique in many ways, but i still have family and visit all the original rappers to come. Burnout named Jerry and he would sometimes let some of the SouthSiders are locked up after terrorizing the )! Can find you and talk about those days i come back and speak to class... Carr and to those who are imprisoned for a yearbook for each of those oldies radio stations and who. The purpose of a yearbook for sale let me know will pay top dollar all the currupted people gangs... Trash it you no longer have your own copy or want to Saddleback something myself... The people i knew is either busted or tweakers with half their minds gone how have. Or go that school hanging with my memory until death class ring and go back to the USMC.Glenn Warrington i. Habra, CA LIL BLACKY DUK said he went to Valley ( 84 thru )! My God, plus it 's good to hear it for some reason name click! Invite to the former Orange drive in and drink and smoke our fill Ms. Ortiz, Moss. Are famous and infamous, successful and struggling, but there were a big as... Reside in Glendale, AZ friends who are imprisoned for a bag of fries, at time! In JROTC and would get into trouble anyone know how i managed to escape it.At Valley High an. Experiences there a trip finding this blog retired and live in Santa Ana Valley High school throughout the.!

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